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We Give Everything

Blog — 5th February 2019

We Give Everything


Romans 12:1-2


If I were to reflect on my time as a pastor and choose one issue that stands out most as one which causes disagreements and conflict in church life, it would have to be worship.

Actually, that’s probably unfair. Because this issue that I spend a lot of my time discussing with disgruntled Christians could not possibly be described as worship. It would be ‘worship styles’ at best. In fact, I don’t even think that adequately describes the issue because the majority of the conversations are spent arguing over which style of music is best for church. Come to think of it, this crucial subject that I spend a lot of time dealing with is actually personal preference.

“I prefer that instrument.” “I like it when we have communion that way.” “The music is too loud.” “I don’t like it when we stand up for too long.” “I don’t like it when we sit down for too long.” Really all we tend to spend our time discussing is an endless list of things that would make us feel more comfortable in church.

But is that really the heart of worship? Is that what worshipping God is all about? Finding a place where we feel safe and comfortable, a place that is familiar to us, so that we can just bask in God’s presence and receive from him (I’m being optimistic as to what goes on when we find our place of personal preference)? Is that really worship?

From what we see in the scriptures, no, it’s not. Actually, that is pretty close to the opposite of worship. Worship all the way through the Bible is characterised by giving to God. Yes, there is an element of receiving but this tends to take place as a result of worship.

And so what do we give Him? Well according to Paul, everything. We give to God anything He has given us in the first place and when we come to a place where we recognise that all things come from God then we have no option but to give our all, our very lives. That is the heart of worship.


Lord forgive me if I have ever made worship about anything else other than You. Help me to give You my all; my whole life.


“Take Up and Read” is our Weekly NTC Devotional, written by various members of the NTC Staff and Faculty. We hope it blesses you.