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You Raised the Roof!

Blog — 29th June 2022

You Raised the Roof!

Raise the Roof - A New Goal for the New Year

The current Principal’s Project is a fundraising campaign to repair the 107-year-old roof of our historic White House. All year  we’ve been on a final push to raise £50,000, since, thanks to matched funding, every £1 donated counted for double. This week we have been bowled over by the fantastic news that we have reached that target!

Thanks to your generosity some repairs are already underway and we now have an additional £100,000 to put towards finishing this essential project. After over a century, it’s fair to say that these repairs are much needed.

Our Principal, Revd Dr Deirdre Brower Latz, was delighted, and reports, “We have raised OVER the £50,000 we needed to match the funding so generously gifted to us: everyone, that means that £100,000 plus has been raised enabling us to fix the roof! I know that for many of you this kind of a gift means you went without, or sacrificed unimaginably – friends, thank you. For all of you, your gifts have made such a difference to us.”

On behalf of all of us at NTC, and the White House herself – thank you!

Over the years, hundreds of students from across the world have graduated from our College. From here, they’ve gone on to serve the mission of God in all manner of ways impacting lives and communities on every continent!.

Of course, there is a cost to this, and we invite you to help support others on a journey that sees people and communities developed, shaped, and transformed. You can donate to NTC for a specific dream-project or fund or you can make a general donation towards the daily ordinary needs or development costs of the College.

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