We have set up a number of households on campus to help to keep you as safe as possible. These households are:

  • Hurlet Hall ground floor
  • Hurlet Hall first floor
  • Each of the 4 flats in Hurlet Hall are separate households
  • Beech Wing

Within your respective household, you will not need to social distance from one another (although wearing face coverings/masks will be optional)

You will have to maintain social distancing with anyone who is not in your household.

Only residents can enter the accommodation buildings. No visitors are allowed and students in Hurlet Hall must not go into Beech Wing and vice versa.

In the event of you needing to self isolate in either Hurlet Hall or Beech Wing, the College will do all it can to practically support and help throughout the quarantine period.

If you develop any Covid-19 systems you will be required to get a test at the nearest testing centre.

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