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Pre-MA studies with Nazarene Theological College

At NTC our MA in Theology attracts both applicants who have theological undergraduate degrees and those who have degrees in other areas. This ‘pre-MA’ study is designed to help those who are graduates of non-theological degrees to develop the necessary foundational knowledge and skills in Biblical Studies, Practical Theology and Theology, equipping them to thrive in the MA in Theology programme.

What will I study?

Our pre-MA programme is made up of 3 modules – one in each of the areas of Biblical Studies, Practical Theology and Theology. These modules ask you to undertake reading in each area to provide you with the key foundational concepts you’ll need as a starting point for our MA in Theology.

Each of the modules starts with an introductory video to the required readings and the key concepts you’ll be learning. This is followed by a number of structured tasks for you to engage with as you learn.

Do I have to be on campus?

No. Materials are provided through our online Moodle system. The study is self-directed and does not involve any synchronous (real-time) engagement. However, students may find it helpful at points to engage with faculty through email, phone call or video call, and this is available.

How long does the study take?

We estimate that the total time commitment to complete this study is 300 hours. The study is self-paced, so the duration will depend on the amount of time you can commit to it. We would estimate a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 1 year for completion.

How much does it cost?

The charge for the pre-MA course is £500, which includes all three modules. While many articles are available through our Moodle system, students will also need to set aside some funds to purchase the required core books for each module.

What assessment do I have to complete?

The required assessment is grouped into the subject area modules. The full list is as follows:

Biblical Studies

  1. Forum responses to set textbook
  2. Literature review essay of 4000 words on set readings around a chosen topic [Marked]

Practical Theology

  1. Forum response to reading of 3 chapters/articles
  2. Forum response to reading of 2 textbooks


  1. Book review of 1500 words of one of the selected texts [Marked]
  2. Essay of 3500 words on listed topic [Marked]

Do I have to get particular results for admission into the MA with NTC?

Only three assessment components within the pre-MA will be marked (see above). The pre-MA modules have a pass mark of 50. Students who pass these components and have completed the required forum responses will meet the pre-MA requirements for entry into the NTC MA in Theology.

How do I apply?

There are two ways to start on the pre-MA course:

1) You can apply for the MA in Theology programme. In considering your MA application, the admissions committee may refer you to the pre-MA programme and you will be invited to register at that time.

Apply Here

2) You may choose to register directly to the pre-MA course without the commitment of applying to the MA in Theology. You can register directly here. You may then choose to apply for the MA in Theology programme at a later date, once your pre-MA studies are underway.

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