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Undergraduate Courses

Why join us as an Undergraduate?

Our undergraduate programmes offer engaging and character forming theological education within a diverse and worshipping Christian community. With emphases on academic depth connected to real-life faith, the degree stretches, challenges, and deepens your understanding. Designed to build a strong foundation, the programmes will expand your insight and abilities. All pathways enable you to expand your knowledge, develop skills for vocational service and leadership, or pursue calls to ministry You’ll be trained for work in the charity sector,  to engage in community development, to serve in a diverse range of employment, and simply to study the Bible and theology with world class experts who will enrich your faith. You will be learning in a community that is intergenerational, international and spiritually alive.

Academic Excellence

As a learning community, we value excellence, meaning we craft our degrees, classes and learning experiences with great care. We’re passionate about supporting students to grow. Academic excellence is integral to our culture and is reflected in our standing as an approved partner of the world-class University of Manchester, part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities. In addition, ongoing engagement in cutting-edge research by members of faculty and our vibrant postgraduate research community further reflects our passion for academic excellence.


With students from over 25 countries and over 20 denominations, NTC is not just an academic community: it’s also a vibrant faith community. A central part of student life is embedded in worship: from regular chapel services to weekly pastoral care groups or in the informal spaces of college life. And fear not, if you won’t be physically on campus, our online programme also offers community spaces for you, ranging from coffee time to pastoral care groups.


Our fees are below the UK average for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Lower cost for higher quality education!

Quick Facts

Undergraduate Programme Overview

The Certificate of Higher Education in Theology (CertHE) and Diploma of Higher Education in Theology (DipHE) offer a great foundation for those wanting to deepen their faith, continue into longer courses, or step into career paths including ministry, religious education, and charitable work. The CertHE and DipHE also count as credit towards the BA (Hons) in Theology, giving you maximum flexibility in your educational journey. The CertHE takes one year full time or two to four years part time to complete. The DipHE takes two years full time and three to six years part time to complete.

The BA (Hons) in Theology can be studied full-time over three years and from four to twelve years part-time (depending on just how part time you are). Our BA (Hons) in Theology offers a well-rounded education with emphases on practical experience and academic depth. With our BA (Hons), you can pursue a call to ministry, prepare to work in the non-profit sector, learn to organise your community, complete a qualification that sets you up for a wide range of careers,  or simply enjoy the study of theology with world-class experts. This degree has three optional pathways:

    • In the Biblical Studies pathway, you’ll take a wider range of classes in specific books and genres of the Bible, like OT Prophets, Psalms, and Paul’s Letters. You can opt to dive deeper by taking Greek and/or Hebrew as part of your studies.
    • The Practical Theology pathway requires additional practical theology classes, allowing for deep theological reflection on practice. Your placement might focus on community projects, church ministry, compassionate ministries, or chaplaincy at night shelters, hospitals, prisons, or schools.
    • In the Youth and Community pathway, you’ll zoom in on the contexts of society and develop the skills for youth ministry and for working to change communities. Past placements have been in schools, youth centres, community projects, and more.

The CertHE requires 120 credits, the DipHE requires 240 credits and the BA (Hons) requires 360 credits. Exit routes from BA (Hons) at Certificate and Diploma level are possible, and students wanting to continue their CertHE or DipHE into a BA (Hons) can do so provided they have the required grades.

Flexible learning at your own pace

We offer full time and part time study options at NTC for undergraduate programmes.

    • Our Certificate of Higher Education in Theology can be studied over one year (full-time) or from two to four years (part-time)

    • Our Diploma of Higher Education in Theology can be studied over two years (full-time) or from three to eight years (part-time).

    • Our Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Theology can be studied full-time over three years and from four to twelve years part-time.

We also offer online and on campus study options.

  • Online classes are live, synchronous classes, meaning students attend class during its scheduled time, usually afternoon or evening UK time. Some classes are limited to online students whilst others, called dual delivery classes, have both on campus and online students in one class. On campus classes are traditional, in person classes hosted on our Manchester campus. Find out more details on the undergraduate or postgraduate pages or check out our online learning FAQ.

How undergraduate classes work

Undergraduate classes primarily run as weekly classes during Autumn and Spring terms. NTC offers small class sizes with classes ranging from 5 to 35 students. Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, class discussions, oral presentations, group work, individual tutorials, directed reading, case studies, individual supervision, and student-led seminars.

Class Subjects and Content

Each undergraduate class earns credits in one of three broad subject areas:

  • Biblical Studies – Course units in specific areas of Old and New Testament, Biblical languages and interpretation.
  • Christian Theology and Church History – Course units in Christian Dogmatics, Philosophical Theology and Church History.
  • Practical and Social Theology – Course units in a wide range of ministry subjects as well as in the Humanities and Social Sciences, including English Literature, Youth Work, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Comparative Religion.
Online or On Campus Options
  • Students can choose to study either on campus or online. Online classes are live, synchronous classes, meaning students attend class as its being taught during its scheduled time, usually afternoon/evening UK time.
  • Required core classes are offered separately as both on-campus classes and online classes. That is, on campus students take required classes in person without online students, and online students take required classes online.
  • Elective classes are hybrid. Online students and their on-campus peers take the class simultaneously, allowing online and on campus NTC students to learn together and from each other.
  • On-campus students may take up to one third of their term as online classes as long as at least one on- campus class per term is also taken.
  • Note that on campus students are eligible for both tuition and maintenance loans with Student Finance England, subject to the normal eligibility criteria. Student Finance England maintenance loans are not available to online students, but tuition loans are available subject to the normal eligibility criteria.

Weekly Class Format

  • Students meet once or twice per week during the regular term time. The class schedule will be published several weeks before the class begins, so students know the core reading to complete ahead of time, and the weekly class topics and readings to complete each week before class. Term times run September – December and February – May.
Optional Intensives
  • During the optional undergraduate intensive classes, in-class time is compressed into five days of full-time study, normally running Monday-Friday. Intensive sessions usually run in January and in May. All students are welcome to travel to our Manchester campus during these sessions. NTC does provide accommodation for students at these times, subject to availability.

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